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Site Scan App

Site Scan is a commercial drone platform that allows users to capture aerial imagery of project sites in order to generate 2D maps and 3D models to manage assets and track progress.

App Architecture
User Flows
UI Design

Site Scan is an a drone data collection platform for construction and engineering companies. Site Scan uses the 3DR Solo as an enterprise drone solution. This user is very very different than the consumer drone (Solo app)  user. They are what we consider an expert user - they will perform the same task many many times expecting the same result each time. They basically want to set it and forget. They care about capturing accurate concise data of their project sites to save time, money, and win contracts with clients. So what they need is a way to select the area around their jobsites on a map and send a drone to take geotagged images of the site so the can import those images into Autodesk and/or Esri software in order to make 3D models or 2D maps.

Let's Get Solving
The Problem

How can we help construction companies more efficiently manage their job sites with aerial data?

Key Mobile Principles

These are no-nonsense users. Since the workflow mainly happens before the vehicle is in flight, we can ask the user to take on more information at once. There will be less flight and vehicle performance options because user does not care about or want to fly, they just want data. Accuracy is more important than saving time - give user the best tool to collect data.

+ Create least amount of friction to data collection
+ Less hand holding for expert users
+ Little customization
+ Accuracy above all else
User Flows

I mapped out the user task flow for creating a new survey so that I could highlight the key experience moments to focus on, as well as document when the app would switch from pre-flight to in-flight. This would help me decide how I would lay out the interface in both modes, and give me a sense of how I might handle alerts and warnings in both modes.

Creating the user flows also forced me to consider the multi-device touch points in the experience. I was able to plan for failure cases within the entire experience with a more wholistic point of view.

Survey Flow

The survey creation screen is a key screen because it allows the user to complete the most important task of creating a survey.

Visual Design

Site Scan is only available for IOS so the UI and architecture is compliant with IOS standards. The app is map centric and also used as a content management system so I chose to use a light color theme for contrast and readability. The app switches into the dark theme when it is in flight so there is a really clear state change between setup/management and flight.

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