I love creating amazing things with amazing people.

Creativity is an industry-leading profession that is growing at a rapid rate.  And as more and more creatives join the digital marketing landscape, it has quickly changed the way people view brands, products, services, and everything else in life. No longer can you build basic, unoriginal marketing schemes and expect a maximum return on your investment. To truly market your product and build an audience, you must have creative minds working diligently behind the scenes to craft your message and optimize your presentation.

I have a passion for being involved in every phase of the creative process while adding to my extensive skill set, which is why I call myself a creative engineer. By combining my technical abilities with my natural sense for originality, I am able to bring a unique perspective to any team. Creativity allows me to express myself as well as the individuality within others. I am ready to use my creative engineering expertise to help businesses execute upon their goals.

Things Iv'e learned along the way.

My creation process

01 Research

Successfully starting a creative project requires much more than searching and studying. I analyze and comprehend relevant information and translate that to a blueprint for success.

02 Prototype/Wireframe

As a creative engineer, I look to build and prototype my minimum viable product. Creating a strong prototype allows me to analyze my creation and see what improvements can be made.

03 Design

Always looking to think the design, but always strategizing to design my thinking. I am hands-on throughout every phase of the design process, and I constantly refine my approach to enhance the project at hand.

04 Development/Execution

Through powerful strategy, continual refinement, and creative thinking, I turn my prototype into a finished product that is ready to be presented to the world.

Purposeful without becoming too punchy, flexible without being contradictory
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