Creating for the future.

Hello my name is Averett Barksdale, and as a creative engineer, I am constantly studying past and present creative elements of corporations to create digital products for the future. I continually analyze market patterns and trends in hopes of discovering the next big thing and being the first to create it.

My creation process

01 Research

Successfully starting a creative project requires much more than searching and studying. I analyze and comprehend relevant information and translate that to a blueprint for success.

02 Prototype/Wireframe

As a creative engineer, I look to build and prototype my minimum viable product. Creating a strong prototype allows me to analyze my creation and see what improvements can be made.

03 Design

Always looking to think the design, but always strategizing to design my thinking. I am hands-on throughout every phase of the design process, and I constantly refine my approach to enhance the project at hand.

04 Development/Execution

Through powerful strategy, continual refinement, and creative thinking, I turn my prototype into a finished product that is ready to be presented to the world.

Selected Works
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A few companies I have worked with.

Purposeful without becoming too punchy, flexible without being contradictory
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